Small Group Self-Funding (SGSF)

Overview of Self-Funding

Self-Funding is not a new concept. Once perceived to be most suited for large employers, self-funding is now gaining traction in the smaller employer market, fewer than 100 lives. In fact, employers with as few as 5 enrolled employees are finding self-funded plan designs a cost saving alternative. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (PPACA), requires: costly benefit changes based on the metal tiers, Community Rating, and several new taxes and fees. Many of these costly restrictions and requirements can be avoided using self-funding.

Benefits of Self-Funding

  • Customized Plan Designs not based on the PPACA metal tiers.
  • Data Warehouse of claims for your group; giving you the ability to better negotiate your renewal.
  • Protection from High Claims; plans function the same way your fully insured plan functions today.
  • Avoidance of some of the PPACA taxes and fees.
  • If claims are lower than expected you have a chance for a refund of premium dollars.

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Ohio Chamber of Commerce

We are pleased that the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has chosen BE Solutions to represent and support its members on the recently launched Small Business Marketplace as they evaluate health coverage options, specifically Small Group Self-Funding. Many companies are startled by the health plan rates they are receiving through the Community Rated plans now mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Small Group Self-Funding is the right solution for many of these groups. As an insurance agency and Third Party Administrator, BE Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist in evaluating your Small Group Self-Funding alternatives.