Data Drives Decisions

Data driven benefits planData Has Advantages

When it comes to health benefits, enterprise-sized businesses have an advantage; because they have large numbers of participants. Insurance companies and agents work closely with large businesses to find solutions that bring down their costs. They use data to understand how employees are using their health benefits, and then work with the large business to put strategies in place that lower costs. Small and medium sized businesses simply aren’t cared for in this manner. As a business owner, you are typically at the will of the insurance company, and often surprised (or not so surprised) to learn that the cost of your health plan is going up. It doesn’t have to be that way!

BE Solutions: Delivering Health Benefits Solutions that Provides Certainty

BE Solutions is your strategic partner when it comes to your benefits program. We work with small and medium sized businesses to deliver more certainty to their benefits costs. We accomplish this by developing a health benefits program that is partially or fully funded by you – the employer. You see, when you self-fund a health plan for your employees, you are privy to the data that is generated by your employees as they use their plan. This data – your data – can be used to evaluate the investment your business dedicates to health insurance. We offer several products that help companies decrease the cost of their benefits program while increasing the value of the program in the eyes of you and your employees:

Small Group Self-Funding

The solution to the Community Rating nightmare. Small Group Self-Funding offers lower rates for groups with average or better claims experience.
Ask BE Solutions if Small Group Self-Funding is right for your business

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Smart Funding

Reduce your company’s health benefits premium contributions and self-fund a portion of the deductible gap.

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Spousal Coverage Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan or Spousal Coverage (MERP)

Reduce your health care benefits investment by moving your married, dual income employees to a spousal plan by covering spousal plan premiums and family out-of-pockets.

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Supplemental Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Reduce costs of government-funded health benefits programs by helping move your married municipal or state employees to a spousal plan by covering spousal plan premiums and family out-of-pockets.

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Wellness Programs

BE Solutions works with a number of nationally recognized wellness program experts. We can help identify the right wellness program for your business, and work with you to integrate the program closely with the health benefits you provide.

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Evolve Your Health Benefits Investment with Your Data

Employee Benefits PlansYour data is rich with information on how your employees are using their health benefits. BE Solutions helps you access and apply this data in full compliance of privacy laws. So what is your data in a BE Solutions relationship?

  • Pharmacy usage
  • Chronic disease predictors
  • Doctor and emergency room visits
  • Hospital use (in-patient and out-patient)
  • Specialists usage

This information is provided to you in accordance with privacy laws, so knowing the health of specific employees is off limits. However, being able to recognize health trends in your organization can help inform the development of programs to help with the health of your employees. If employees are able to take advantage of the healthy living programs that you provide, then you are helping them use their health benefits less or more appropriately. This, in turn, will lower you company’s health benefits costs.