Census Process

Gathering Data

Objective is to provide BE Solutions census data to obtain a quote.

The preferred delivery format is in the Census form here




If you already have the data in a similar format, please contact us to see if we can process it.

If you do not have this data already collected here is a Tool for gathering employee data




Note: have the employees complete this form, then consolidate the data into the above spreadsheet.

If manual collection of the employee census data presents a challenge, please contact our staff to discuss automated ways to collect the data.

Secure Census delivery to BE Solutions

Since these forms contain sensitive data we will provide a secure file transfer for you to submit the census.

When you are ready to transmit your files securely please complete the Web form below:

Name (required)

Email (required)


Enter the code shown (Case Sensistive)

Within a business day, you should receive a Secure File transfer invitation to submit your data.

If you have questions please call us at 866.717.6956.